Swaying Wires – Some Blue Sky | Album Review

When: 10/02/2014
Where: Battle Worldwide Recordings
Like/Love: LOVE
Better late than never. Some Blue Sky is the debut album from Finnish alternative rock band Swaying Wires, and after delivering a very good cover of Johnny Cash’s Cry Cry Cry a while ago it seems I’m left wondering why I didn’t know about this album sooner. Nevermind.
Opening track Blinding Lights kicks off the album with a slow, melodic intro composed from dreary guitars and subtle drums before Swaying Wires pack in some punch with some heavy guitar chords that are strummed with angry fists and definitely adds a little extra bit of mysteriousness to the song. Everything remains the same throughout the duration with the thunderous guitars making a return to add a little texture to the finale, but all in all it does set up a nice foundation for the rest of Some Blue Sky.
Bluebird is a particular standout on the album as Swaying Wires adapt a more poppy mentality with a simple but catchy drumbeat and guitar melodies that are a little more friendly on the feelings. The vocals direct and drive the track into it’s big moments and it’s fair to say that this is a trait found throughout the record, which is fine by me as they are fantastic throughout. Once the song kicks in a huge anthemic wall of shadowy guitars form and absolutely run through the airwaves. There are little sprinkles of melody present and it’s here that the vocals really come into their own. The guitars are also allowed to take over the spotlight and deliver some intense riffs or very good haunting solos. A superb listen.
Swaying Wires do a great job at keeping their songs sounding different while keeping under the same umbrella of their usually haunting sound. The band incorporate some acoustic guitar into some tracks such as Scattering and Willow And Wind which helps prevent things from sounding too similar. Willow And Wind in particular is a personal highlight as it’s strings intro adds a much welcomed lightheartedness to Some Blue Sky alongside some simple drums and the vocals to create something that sounds phenomenal. I love this song.
Some Blue Sky is a fantastic debut album from Swaying Wires. There’s a nice mix of accessible traits thrown in alongside some sombre performances from guitars and vocals to make it seem like the nicest tugging of the heartstrings ever known. Once again I’m wondering why I didn’t check this out in February, but nevermind. Even four months later it still sounds great. For more music reviews, free downloads and I’m so lonely. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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