Alarm Bells – Part One | EP Review

When: 05/05/2014
Where: Battle Worldwide Recordings
Like/Love: LIKE
We might have started bringing Alarm Bells to you with their second EP, but now we’re telling you about the new project’s debut EP. It’s like some kinda Stars Wars shit or something. Part One is the debut EP from former Dananananakroyd-now-Alarm Bells, a project that looks to continue the legacy of math rock/art rock/art pop/fight rock, whatever you want to call this hectic pile of sonic thunder.
What better way to introduce yourself then with a thirteen minute hello? Whitemare is thirteen minutes of art pop/fight rock thrown together by pieces of string and made up of all kinds of heavy guitar riffs, jams and everything inbetween to create one monsrosity of first impressions. Despite the obvious length of the song and the usual briefness of genre Alarm Bells makes it’s music seem oblivious to how long it’s been performing, and somehow, it works. It freaking works.
Speeding Ticket returns to it’s genre by delivering guitars and drums and god knows what else in the space of twelve seconds it seems. The insane speed at which Alarm Bells perform keeps things insane and enjoyable, like falling in love with Tourette’s Syndrome. The band throw everything into this song, even synths that tear apart any sense of security you had in the song and somehow manages to make it even louder and even more ear bleeding for the finale. It’s awesome.
Mechanical sounds take over as Cycles comes forth with off-kilter rhythms and riffs that sound metallic in their delivery. Once again the vocals are duelling with one another and retain the manic performance we have come to expect from Alarm Bells by this point. Closing track Cocoonsfeatures an intro that sounds like a Dalek teaching somebody how to lay down some slick melodies, before erupting with one last punch to the face before finally calling it an end.
Just like Part Two, Part One is also a very good EP, and definitely makes it clear that we were right to check out Alarm Bells halfway through it’s trilogy of first EPs. We are more than clenched at the rim for the release of the third and final EP, but at least we have two EPs to enjoy now. For more music reviews, free downloads and if you too feel like clenching, make sure you take a break every hour or so. For roughly ten minutes. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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