Co-Pilgrim – Plumes | Album Review

When: 26/05/2014
Where: Battle Worldwide Recordings
Like/Love: LOVE
Co-Pilgrim return to the music scene a year after releasing A Fairer Seawith third album Plumes, an album that firmly shows the band at their most comfortable and best. Ever since hearing the track 22 early last year I knew Co-Pilgrim’s mix of upbeat music and downbeat lyrics would ascend to bigger things, and it seems Plumeshas this sound down to a tee. A shiny, teary tee.
Double A single I Grew Into Something New/I Know Love pretty much channel everything enjoyable about the summer. I Grew Into Something Knew features an intro that brings forth weeping melodies and acoustic guitars that’s warmer than the morning sun. The echo-y vocals ease into the music and the hooks casually come into the airwaves to deliver one of the best starts to a record I’ve heard all year. I Know Love kicks things into a higher level with huge booming riffs and drum beats that gives Plumes it’s first big hit and kick to the face. It’s a great combination of songs and it’s obvious why Co-Pilgrim made both tracks the lead single for the album. It perfectly shows off the more mature, cohesive sound that the band have tweaked with over the last couple years, and they’re both freaking awesome too.
Plumes does do a great job of throwing all of it’s feelings onto the listen in the happiest way possible. I Saw You Heavenly Girl brings acoustic and electric guitars together to create another uptempo sound with a bluesy guitar lead that once again swells into the spotlight. It’s a wonderful song and definitely sets the listener up with a guard against the sombre sound of Shame On You, which alongside Come Out Alive do try to hit you in the heartstrings.
Dancin’ Hoods sees Co-Pilgrim experiment with their sound a little as they bring more electric instruments into the instrumentation as well as new additions such as piano to create a nice sound that’s more layered and developed than the other material on Plumes. The vocals are sweetly delivered alongside the downtrodden guitar riffs and once again, it’s just another lovely song. This shift in sound does provide a stepping stone for Wedding Day however, a two minute interlude comprised of huge walls of synths and strings that ring out just like every married couple’s big day.
Finally, closing track It’s Curtains For Me brings an end to Plumes by providing six minutes of slowly paced, acoustic end of summer music with lowly strummed guitars, simple drumbeats and piano chords to make sure everything is remembered in the best way possible. Plumes is no doubt Co-Pilgrim’s best album yet, and definitely in contention for best album of 2014 too.
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