Billy Moon – Young Adult | EP Review

When: 17/04/2014
Like/Love: LOVE
Billy Moon is a singer-songwriter who had a lot of time on his hands and hated everybody, and this is his latest EP Young Adult. Not too long ago we checked out Video Girls, the lead single from the EP and liked it very much, and also delve a little too deep into our pornography preferences.
What made us like Video Girls so much was the amount of hooks packed within a song that was also hellbent on ruining your eardrums. The cheeky guitar intro wriggles into the brain allowing enough space for the heavy, surf-rock riffs and porno-utopia to come inside and leave you feeling mightily satisified. Opening track Kalashnikov introduces Young Adult as a guy who seems pretty chill about anything and just generally seems like a cool person to hang around with. But there’s confessions thrown in about wasting his youth and many more to suggest there’s a little feeling within the distorted guitars.
Bad Kids sounds like something Ty Segall could have written, as it’s hectic instrumental and the passionate vocal about a girl moving into the neighbourhood could have easily seen a place on Segall’s Meltedbut Billy Moon definitely makes it his own. The guitars build huge walls of distortion and rhythm and the passion spills over to create one of the true standouts on the EP.
Overall Young Adult is a fantastic listen and definitely an EP that leaves a good impression. Every song on it comes into the speakers with the amibiton to reveal their own character and they certainly do. Billy Moon does a great job at starting it off well with Kalashnikov and keeping the momentum going with tracks like King Of The Sun and the awesome closer The Days Are Just Packed. There is not a single bad spot on this EP, it’s just flat out excellent.
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