Le Rug – Harold Camping/Dead In A Hole | Track Review

When: Press Start (The Collection) – 17/06/2014
Where: Fleeting Youth Records
Like/Love: LOVE
On June 17th Fleeting Youth Records will release Press Start (The Collection) the new album from Brooklyn singer/guitarist Ray Weiss’ new project Le Rug. Le Rug is a post-punk band and this new album looks to be a collection of old and new material, featuring 32 tracks from past albums and EPs. Pretty cool shit if you ask me. Le Rug has released two songs to build anticipation for this record in Harold Camping and Dead In A Hole.
Harold Camping is the A side and it is a straight up great insight into the sound of Le Rug. Slinky basslines encapture this tune while Weiss’ vocals progressively grow more and more eccentric, and the guitars like to keep up with the eccentricity by delivering strange licks as well as solid, heavy riffs too. There’s also some horns throw in for good measure and honestly, this is somehow one pretty funky listen. Excellent stuff.
B-side Dead In A Hole is the newer Le Rug track and it’s clear how much the project has progressed over the years. Where Harold Camping sounded somewhat clean and straight forward, Dead In A Hole takes on a much more post-punk approach. Vague instrumentals, slightly incomprehendable vocals and echo-y atmospheres to give off a twisted nature that sounds ever so more unsettling than it’s A side companion.
Le Rug have done a great job combining their old and new material to create a joint single that shows off to new fans what to expect from Press Start (The Collection). The older Harold Camping gives off a slightly dancier vibe than Dead In A Hole, which offered a much more complex sound, so the new album should at the very least be quite a varied listen. The album will be released June 17thvia Fleeting Youth Records, but for now check out both the a-side and b-side below, and also check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter too.

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