Alarm Bells – Part Two | EP Review

When: 02/06/2014
Where: Battle Worldwide Recordings
Like/Love: LOVE
Trilogies are always fun. Lord Of The Rings was pretty awesome, the Batman series was alright. The Dark Knight Rises was a bit poo, but at least The Dark Knight was one of the best films of the century, and easily the best Batman movie ever made. The reason why I’m pushing the second film of the franchise so hard is because I didn’t get a chance to check out Part One, the new EP and start of a new project for ex-Dananananakroyd members called Alarm Bells.
For those who don’t know, Dananananakroyd was a young, enthusastic band who stuck around the indie scene for a few years not really becoming bigger in their time, but definitely delivered a heavy, intense poppy sound that influenced those who listened. The band announced their split around this time last year, and out come Alarm Bells. Like a beautiful, but disgusting birth of an overly-excited baby. Alarm Bells first venture is to release a trilogy of EPs to quickly distinguish themselves as a solid sequel to Dananananakroyd, and Part Two will be the upcoming release. Coming out on June 2ndvias Battle Worldwide Recordings.
Opening track Hold Down shows that Alarm Bells will be just as intense and generous as it’s predecessor when it comes to riffs and energy. The band do a great job at making sure there’s a solid rhythm tucked away in the foundations as this song really gets the hips moving in the most math-rock-y way possible. The hectic sound really gives Part Two a great introduction to those idiots who failed to check out the first EP, and definitely gives it a good shot at not becoming another Titanic 2. Film references everywhere.
Must Be Something I Took is easily the best title to describe the following seven minutes. Alarm Bells pack this epic with all kinds of riffs, drums, melodies, harmonies, male and female vocals and they probably threw the kitchen sink in there too to help create seven minutes in heaven. For the first time I’m not left alone struggling to suppress a semi, as this track satisfies me past the point of blueballs.
The latter half of Part Two follows the same pattern of shot song followed by long epic but Alarm Bells definitely know how to write memorable moments for their material. Compounds heavily reveals it’s poppy side with some excellent guitar licks thrown into the mix despite the insanely upbeat tempo, and as a result it’s hard not to dislike it. Closing track Come is ten minutes of everything we’ve come to expect from the band by now, as it delivers on all things heavy, intense and freaking awesome. They also head towards an experimental approach as synths and electronics are thrown in to create a nice shade of atmosphere which could signal the direction of Part Three. I don’t know, but I really like this EP, it’s definitely the best musical sequel I’ve ever heard, and I really like Alarm Bells now.
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