Dan Sartain – Pass This On | Track Review

When: 19/05/2014
Where: One Little Indian
Like/Love: LOVE
Lo-fi punk singer-songwriter Dan Sartain is back on the music scene since last year’s He Touched Me with a cover of The Knife’s hit Pass This On, the lead single from Dan’s new album DUDESBLOOD. I remember Dan Sartain’s Too Tough To Live being one of the first piece of material to be emailed to me when I started writing music reviews, so this holds a little bit of sentiment, and any excuse to write about The Knife is fine with me.
Dan’s cover of Pass This On sees The Knife’s electronic, upbeat sound toned down just a tad with a much more chilled guitar instrumental that quietly delivers some casual doses of distortion, while the drumbeat retains a lot of the disco qualities the original song performed. The vocals still give off the slightly drawled effect on the lyrics, and contain a lot of the confusion that surrounds the track’s topic, which is awesome. Despite the slower, darker tone Dan Sartain still does good with this cover, and it does become a pretty good alternative to The Knife’s version. It would have been nice to have heard some original material as the lead single for DUDESBLOOD, but I can’t complain about the quality of this song.
Check out the video for Pass This On below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and if you’ve ever been in love, let us know by checking out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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