Jon McKiel – New Tracy | Track Review

When: Jon McKiel –03/06/2014
Where: Headless Owl
Like/Love: LIKE
This wonderful little number is New Tracy by singer-songwriter Jon McKiel, the latest track to be released in anticipation for his Jon McKiel EP, which will be released on June 3rdvia Headless Owl. The EP looks to feature six songs that perfectly describe the fun that could be had with rock n roll, and it definitely shows on New Tracy.
New Tracy is a fun, energetic listen featuring some heavy guitar riffs that sit nicely inbetween the cool side of rock music while also keeping an eye on making sure they sound catchy too. It’s clear too that the duo have great chemistry together as they slip seamlessly into various melodic sections to keep the constant upbeat tempo at an all time yay, and honestly it bleeds through the music and makes it difficult not to enjoy listening to it.
Jon McKiel should be a fun listen at the very least and with summer fast approaching this could be the record that makes it a very memorable season. Look out for it and in the meantime, check out New Tracy below and why not check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twittertoo.


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