Billy Moon – Video Girls | Track Review

When: Young Adult – 17/04/2014
Like/Love: LIKE
When somebody sends you music and the first thing they say about their musical endevours is “…when I had a lot of time on my hands and I hated everybody.” you know you need to check it out. Billy Moon is the project of young adult Billy Moon and this is Video Girls, the first single to come from the Young Adult EP. Do you see what I did there? the previous sentence. Yeah.
Video Girls is a love/hate song about porn, and while typing up this review at nearly 2am the morning before it’s about to be published, I can’t find any reason not to admit that the track is completely relatable. I love porn when I’m watching it and then hate it immediately when I’m sat alone in my house crying at my newly stained trousers. Moving on, the track is a punchy number with some sweet surf rock riffs and heavily distorted punches to the eardrums as Billy Moon deliver some intense, angsty performances. They also include a couple simple vocal hooks in for good measure too. It’s awesome.
Stream Video Girls below, and look out for a review of Young Adult very soon. It’s very good. For more music reviews, free downloads and if you would also like to sign a petition to get rid of the behind the balls shot, please check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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