Foam – Foam Demo | Free Download

When: 25/04/2014
Where: Out Of Sound Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Out Of Sound Records is part of the underground movement currently taking Canada by the balls and tearing them off with some gritty, lo-fi ballcrushers. The independent label responsible for bringing the likes of WTCHS and WHOOP-Szo into our ear canals now have a new recruit. The band is called Foam, and the Foam Facebook Page describes them as “drop kicks your noise holes” which is quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever read.
Silver Spoon gets off Foam Demo with a heavy guitar riff that is quickly enveloped in this wave of distortion brought forth by some intense drum beats and some equally intense vocals too. The low-end production quality allows everything to sound even more badass and helps the riffs stand out to really give the listener a sense of being kicked in the noise hole. An awesome song. Sludge as expected heads down a slightly heavier route with some drawn out guitar riffs which sound straight out of Dinosaur Jr.’s You’re Living All Over Me phase, and at just under two minutes long, this short listen is definitely full of memorable moments.
Closing track Ok, Get Up And Go To Work is a fantastic listen as Foam take all of the strange, distorted instruments and somehow produce a catchy instrumental that showcases the band’s knack for creating some pretty entertaining rhythms. Foam Demo is a short but excellent set of songs that set Foam up nicely as the next big thing to come from Out Of Sound Records. Stream it below, download it for free or for all the money in your pocket and check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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