Weatherbird – King Gluttony | Track Review

When: 26/04/2014
Where: End Of The Trail Records
Like/Love: Like
Weatherbird are back with the release of new single King Gluttony. In February we checked out their debut single for End Of The Trail Records in Where Eye Wanna Be and enjoyed the amount of heavy riffage they threw in our faces, so we were particularly hyped for this new song.
Once again the band from Telford deliver the goods as King Gluttony comes out with some intense guitar riffs that leave us feeling full, and then adds some more goodness on top to really keep us bedbound and satisfied. The intro riff is simple and catchy, and definitely is more than enough to carry the tune, but then Weatherbird accompany it with some lead licks that also get stuck in your head, and then there’s the chorus which just explodes and becomes this loud behemoth of a thing. It’s pretty amazing.
When Weatherbird release an album people are going to throw their shit at their fans. Where Eye Wanna Be set up the band nicely, and they have cemented their status as a big up and coming band with King Gluttony. We feel a little spoiled. Check out the video for King Gluttony below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and extra dose of loads in your face check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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