Hospital – Revelation | Track Review

When: 06/05/2014
Like/Love: LIKE
Over a year ago I was sent a debut album from a band who despite their Russian home claimed to perform indie-pop music that could contend with the biggest and best in the genre. I was a little dubious, but Hospital’s When The Trees Were Higher definitely proved me wrong. It was a wonderful album full of dreamy sounds that were impossibly sunny, and the band look set to do that with their new single Revelation.
Revelation kicks off with a bright instrumentation with some repeated backing vocal loops that could have come straight from Foster The People’s debut effort Torches, and it just continues to build steam from there. Hospital’s ability to keep riffs sounding fresh remain here too, as the track somehow keeps sounding catchy and enjoyable throughout. The vocal hooks are simple and easy to remember, and far too easy to get caught in your head. It’s awesome.
It’s crazy how something so sunny could come out of Russia, but Hospital have proven once again that they are the exception, and that they could easily contend with the heavyweights of the indie-pop genre from the likes of Europe and Scandonavian countries. Revelation is a fantastic piece of summery goodness, and definitely deserves to be a hit for Hospital. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews and whatnot, check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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