Lady Flint – Lady Flint | EP Review

When: 16/02/2014
Like/Love: LOVE
Lady Flint are a duo from Marseille, France and this is their debut self-titled EP. They play an awesome mix of blues/punk/rock and throughout each of the five tracks featured on Lady Flintyou are going to wish for more, and possibly get told off by your parents at 2am like a certain somebody did last night when they got home from work. Oopsie.
Scare Off Crows opens the EP with a sweet drum beat and bluesy guitar riff that swaggars itself into the airwaves confident enough to blow your mind. It’s like something off a Black Keys record, though Lady Flint throw a nice hint of erradic behaviour with some slightly more distorted guitar riffs and occasional guitar licks that could kick your face off. The stop/start structure of the riffs also cut a nice slab of anticipation which Lady Flint use extremely well to keep the listen stuck in the palm of their hand and fortunately we get a payoff as the song continues to deliver right to the very end. An excellent start to the EP.
Things continue to remain heavy and excellent as Lady Flint’s punk side takes over The Last Time I Was Sober and gives us something Nirvana could have written in their heyday. It’s solid riffs and use of swearing gets the energy going and the blood pumping, and makes way for the more hip-considerate sounds of Not A Wise Man. Outsider adds a little extra dose of wah wah and sweet guitar solos to bolster up the second half of Lady Flint and give it a behind worth looking at, and finally Problems says goodbye in a way that makes us out as if we’re the lonely wives being left behind by our badass war veteran husband who has tattoos and a freaking GNARLY guitar riff that blows that comparision out of the water.
Lady Flint is an insanely good EP, and is easily going to be on our Loved List. Despite being just five songs long every single one of them leave an impression that will last quite a long time. Goddamn. What a listen. Stream Lady Flint below, buy it for however much you want, and check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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