Daysdeaf – Giving Life To Greys | Track Review

When: 10/04/2014
Like/Love: LOVE
Now this is something very cool. When Colour Lost Light is the new album from Canadian band Daysdeaf. It’s a collection of music that deals with colour and light, with the album titles starting from pure white and ordered in the form of the electromagnetic spectrum, and then heading into the phenomenon of light. The illustrations alongside this description in the email that was sent to me already had me excited to check out the sonic side of this wonderful project, and luckily lead single Giving Life To Greys is just as colourful as I could have imagined it to be.
Starting off with a cutesy synth beat, Giving Life To Greys is a chilled listen with some echo-y instrumentals and laid back vocals that provide colour to the airwaves. Much like the gorgeous music video, this track is easy to get engaged to, and it’s practically impossible to stop yourself from hitting the play button again and again. One personal highlight is the percussion, which ranges from laid back to cutting stark trap beats to pulling off sublte disco beats in a matter of seconds without disrupting the flow of the tracks. Of course the strings at the end are a very nice touch too, and a wonderful way to bring an end to one of the best songs I’ve heard all year.
Do yourself a favour and check out the video to Giving Life To Greys below, stream the album When Colour Lost Light, and check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter too.

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