Death And The Penguin – Bitumen | Track Review

When: Accidents Happen –05/05/2014
Where: Best Before Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Death And The Penguin are a four-piece based in Brixton, and this is their new single Bitumen. This is the new band’s third single since releasing debut Strange Times on the new Big Scary Monsters compilation, and Snuffed Out, which is receiving radio play on BBC Introducing, XFM and Amazing Radio. If you’re a fan of QOTSA, Elbow, Radiohead then you should definitely check this out.
Bitumen is a fantastic track with it’s tribal-like vocal harmonies and stark, sudden percussion kicking off things with a different but engaging vibe that definitely builds a nice bit of tension for the finale. Various melodies are politely performed as things begin to progress and build into a more textured, louder listen, but the real hook of the track is easily the guitar riffs, and man do they kick in gooooood. The off-kilter drumbeat suddenly fits in and lays down a nice cue for this beastly, distorted guitar riff to come in and take center stage. It’s something QOTSA could have produced for …Like Clockwork, and Death And The Penguin make it sound just as badass.
The closing moments of Bitumen makes sure to say goodbye in the loudest, snazziest way possible as the guitars take control to turn this alienating tune into a huge headbanger and cranks up the amount of hooks and volume ten fold to leave a lasting impression on the listener as if they have just been kicked in the chest and told to shut up. It’s freaking awesome.
I’ve never been this excited by just one song from a new band before, but Death And The Penguin have made me giddy with excitement simply because of how good Bitumen is. These guys will be releasing their debut EP Accidents Happen on May 5th, and it is going to be a doozy. Stream Bitumen below, and look out for the EP to be released via Best Before Records. For more music reviews, free downloads and I think I got a little too excited. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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