Ghost Twins – Never Fear Total Failure | Album Review

When: 14/04/2014
Where: Featherweight Recording
Like/Love: LIKE
Record Store Day came along and I had no copy of LCD Soundsystem’s The Long Goodbye in my hands, so after taking a little break away from pretending everything was good in the world I finally dried my pretentious little eyes and decided to check out something that could fill that void, or at least get the void moving and grooving. Well today it seems I may have found something that could help me move on.
Ghost Twins are a duo from Derby and this is their debut album Never Fear Total Failure. These guys produce a sound that dabbles in experimentation and for the most part it works and definitely reveals some huge potential with some moments of pure brilliance throughout the record. If you’re a fan of some alternative electronic music with the likes of Battles, Hot Chip and even LCD Soundsystem tickling your fancy then you have got to check this out.
Never Fear Total Failure opens with Breaking Friend which eases the listener into the record with a mid tempo containing huge walls of synths and heavy hitting percussion that erupt at the right moments to add a little bit of tension to the track. The subtle instrumentation during the verses keep things moving nicely to set up for the anthemic chorus that seems to build and build all the way through to the end of the song. It’s a very accessible, entertaining way to kick off an album that looks to build on a good first impression.
Lead single 2006 is an intense headbanger of a tune with a beat that bashes in the listener’s skull right away and doesn’t hold up at all. Ghost Twins do a fantastic job of adding beats and riffs to the track without disrupting the hard hitting momentum and also add in a pretty cool vocal hook too which comes as a surprise from an album that’s so instrumentally-driven. The track’s topic of expressing times of torment and humanity’s method of dealing with it also sets up a nice description of the record as a whole: something that takes a little while to sink in the true messages behind the abrupt, heavy instrumentation.
Never Fear Total Failure also feature some very solid dancefloor hits with The People You Will Never Meet and You Will Always Be Lonely. The former starts off as a ballad with some soft, falsetto vocals directing a very minimalistic instrumental which sounds pleasant but it’s the freaking finale that really gets you by the balls. The synths come into play once again to produce a beat that is incredibly catchy and immediately gets things swinging, while the drums add an extra layer of danceable goodness alongside the bass which just envelopes everything in this badass bubble of hip shaking euphoria. It’s awesome.
You Will Always Be Lonely is a bit of a downer when you read it but the track is a straight up dance JAM. It’s old school structure is performed greatly with the 80’s-equse intro and my god, it’s just so goddamn good. It’s easily the standout track on the album, and Ghost Twins have themselves a solid gold hit. GODDAMN.
Overall Never Fear Total Failure is an album that shows that even when having to introduce themselves, Ghost Twins are not afraid to experiment their sound to get results. While some of the tracks fall flat there are some definite highs throughout the record which help carry it towards more positive opinions. Even despite the not-so-good material it does prove that Ghost Twins are ambitious, creative and certainly in need of paying attention to. It’s a very good album, and one that definitely puts Ghost Twins on the map for the future.
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