Glocks – Stock Images Of Business Situations | EP Review

When: 04/04/2014
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Glocks are a five piece band of indie-pop go getters from Manchester, and this is their second EP Stock Images Of Business Situations. If you’re a fan of Queens Of The Stone Age, Radiohead and Gomez then you should check these guys out. The indie-pop feel remains in the accessibility side of things, whereas the riffs head towards a more desert-rock sound. It’s awesome.
WATFM opens the EP with a heavy, simple bassline that bares a hint of desert rock to give off the traditionally heavy-but-groovy sound the genre contains. This sounds like something Kyuss could have produced in their most mainstream days, as the heavy nature comes packed with vocal hooks and guitar riffs that could have easily come from the mind of Josh Homme, and the vocals sound identical to John Garcia. This is a great way to get people excited for the rest of what’s to come, and there’s definitely some hot licks involved.
Things get a little dance-y as Player’s Club delivers funky basslines and disco guitar riffs take over the airwaves to lay down a dancefloor fit for anybody to get down. Once again Glocks do a great job of securing a couple hooks here and there and well, it’s almost impossible to stop enjoying this EP.
Executive Lounge takes things down a notch by bringing a nice breather to the EP with some sweet melodies and laid back tempo before erupting with some more distorted guitar riffs that eventually head towards a much heavier finale with all kinds of guitar solos and intense drums coming from all over the place to create the heaviest moment on the EP. Closing track Money God sounds like a desert rock song that’s spent just a little too much time in the sun, but certainly helps round off what has been a very well crafted and varied listen to make Stock Images Of Business Situations an entertaining listen.
Glocks have produced a solid set of songs for their second EP Stock Images Of Business Situations which all contain memorable guitar riffs and hooks, but it definitely lacks in some decent production which unfortunately harms it’s chance to be truly memorable. The poor production does in some cases muddy up the instrumentations, sadly making some riffs or melodies hard to really define or stand out in particular moments throughout the EP. However, despite the production quality Glocks have still managed to impress me with their solid songwriting and obvious talent, and it’s easy to see that there’s a lot of potential in them, so I cannot wait to hear what’s next for them.
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