DAVIDS – Iranians | Track Review

When: 25/03/2014
Like/Love: LIKE
Iranians is the second single to come from electronic project DAVIDS’ debut EP 0613EP, and on top of featuring attractive people at their most pixelated or blurry, it is also pretty darn good.
This track nails the art of introductions with a deep, brooding bassline that rumbles the eardrums and gets the hips shaking. Percussion swoops in to give the hips a sense of rhythm and just when it’s thought things couldn’t get more appealing DAVIDS lays down some extra synth riffs and vocal harmonies to create a heavenly dose of dance music that just bowls the white guy out of me. Iranians is an immediate dancefloor hit, and easily one of the catchiest singles I’ve heard this year. Much like Liars’ Mess On A Mission, this accessible dance number also has an underlying sense of prowess that could knock your socks off, and it’s in that danger that people get dancing sooner. It’s awesome.
Check out the video for Iranians below, and stream the rest of DAVIDS’ 0613EPbelow. For more music reviews, free downloads and goddamn my hips. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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