The Sunbeams – The Sunbeams EP

When: 21/04/2014
Where: Philophobia Music
Like/Love: LOVE
With summer fast approaching it seems we need some new music to commemorate all of the feel good times that come with doing everything in the company of the sun. Fortunately later this month The Sunbeams will be releasing their self-titled debut EP, and it is the perfect thing to welcome the summer months. These guys are a three piece from West Yorkshire, and their mix of lo-fi indie music is full of feel good, honest moments that will get everybody happy.
It’s hard not to like The Sunbeams when it’s difficult to not get caught up in the trio’s infectious energy and honest songwriting. Opening track Hit Me With It starts off the EP with a simple but catchy drum beat that gets the momentum going and the grooves a swingin’. A repeated lead guitar lick plays throughout the track before making way to some heavy walls of guitars and vocal hooks that sound like they’ve come from Feeder’s heyday, making this one of the catchiest intros to anything ever. Awesome.
How To Start A Hurricane features a heavier focus on guitars which provides The Sunbeams with it’s first constant headbanger and also a whole lot more memorable moments. Even the bass is turned up in this tune, and it sounds great, and lays down some grooves that have my feet tapping like crazy. The quirky guitar licks return too, and provide a very solid solo to cap off the entertaining listen to make it a REALLY entertaining listen. The Secret sounds like something The Cribs could have written, but it definitely stands up well here. I really like it.
Millstone closes out the EP with a traditional ballad-esque goodbye as the guitars take a step down in the energy department to deliver some drawn out distorted walls that emit emotion as well as intensity. The vocals and backing vocals really work well together to create something that could have come out of Los Campesinos! And Johnny Foreigner’s minds, and there’s just some real passion thrown into this track that we may have missed among all the catchy guitar hooks.
The Sunbeams have delivered a really quite fantastic debut with The Sunbeams EP. It’s been a while since we’ve heard something that comes at you with the sole purpose of delivering four solid songs and saying goodbye, and it’s that kind of honesty that’s been missing in the music industry now. There’s no pretention, concept or context here, it’s just good straight forward music, and that’s all we need from The Sunbeams. This is a great freaking listen. Check it out. For more music reviews, free downloads and summer is gonna be great , check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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