Deathcats/Fruit Tones – Thplit Tape | Tape Review

When: 24/02/2014
Where: Fuzzkill Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Split tapes are usually a wonderful display of small time bands coming together to create a great set of songs that allow both to shine without stepping on eachother’s toes. We’re a fan of splits, whether it be involving bananas, ballerinas or bands, but when it’s something involving two bands we’ve reviewed in the past, we expel just a little extra bit of excited wee. Thplit Tape is the latest release from Scotland’s Fuzzkill Records, and features the label’s own Deathcats, who’s Raddest EP we loved, and Manchester’s Fruit Tones, a band who’s split with Pink Teens became the first cassette I’ve ever purchased.
Deathcats kick off Thpilt Tape with two songs. DREAMZ and Alilgator feature the same surf-pop sound that made The Raddest EP so enjoyable, but the band have added a little extra dose of distortion to give things more power and impact. DREAMZ features an intense guitar riff with heavy basslines and retains it’s momentum throughout to kick off the tape with a ballsy, excellent introduction. Alligator follows suit as Deathcats deliver another intense guitar riff and even more reasons why Fuzzkill Records are becoming my new favourite label, this track also features a kickass guitar solo too.
Fruit Tones are next with three songs, and they too deliver with a solid lineup of sounds that makes the Thplit Tape one of the best tapes of the year. Feeling Lucky is a punchy tune with an awesome 50s surf rock guitar riff and the production makes it seem like the Beach Boys’ Scrappy Doo, only not an annoying fuck. Chicken Lollipop (It’s You) is one of the strangest titles I’ve heard but the song is a wonderful example of modern surf rock. Melodies occur and fall in love with eachother all over the airwaves and they get lucky with vocal hooks and it’s all just a lovely collision of beautiful sounds. Awesome.
Will My Life Live Without Me closes the tape as one final energetic burst of surf-rock goodness as scrappy guitar playing pairs up with hectic drum beats to make this one of the most head-nodding tracks of the year. Fruit Tones have put in an equally excellent performance as Deathcats and overall Thplit Tape is one hell of a listen. I need to purchase this thing. Stream Thplit Tape below, and get into both Deathcats and Fruit Tones as they are both fantastic bands.

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