Liars – Mess | Album Review

When: 24/03/2014
Where: Mute
Like/Love: LOVE
Since the release of Mess On A Missionwe’ve anticipated the new record from dance-punk outfit Liars for so very long. As a fan of the band’s discography and specifically enjoying the sounds of They Threw Us All In A Trench and Stuck A Monument On Top the most it seems the band have finally embraced their hip-wiggling side and come out with an absolute storker of an album in Mess.
Mask Maker opens the album with a series of bizarre statements from a very unseemly voice proclaiming such things as taking off their clothes or eating their face. Something I wouldn’t suppose you’d want to do. However it does create a nice distraction from the niggling earworm of the synth beat as it digs deep to get into your head before coming out with this absolutely joyous instrumentation that’s just as gnarly as it is funky. Deadpan vocals add a little structure to the chaotic sounds which is something Liars use effectively throughout Messand all in all we have a very good opening track, which is pretty much made an extended cut by the immediate arrival of following track Vox Tuned D.E.D., which picks up Mask Maker‘s intensity and momentum right away.
Pro Anti Anti is another track that leaves a striking impression as it’s subtle organ synth riff tricks the listener into believing Liars have toned down the intensity for one track before it’s true colours come out, and good lord do they show. A HUGE wall of distorted, jagged sound erupts from the airwaves and knocks all pre conceived notions of downtime out of the park. Amongst the epic synths are the vocals which paired with the whails of backing vocals creates one hell of a hypnotic listen. FANTASTIC song.
Mess On A Missionhad us hyped for Mess but after many, many repeats of this record it’s clear that the track was just one piece of the most satisfying puzzle ever. Liars have outdone themselves in all departments of creativity, songwriting and direction and this record makes me want to follow them to the end. Mess is a phenomenal record and definitely one of the best of the year.
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