Flights Of Helios – Factory | Track Review

When: 10/03/2014
Like/Love: LOVE
Flights Of Helios are a quintet from Oxford, and this is their new single Factory. These guys have an intoxicating sound that delves in the genres of shoegaze and space-pop with a hint of post-rock to create something that’s very well layered and very well good on the ears. These guys have played alongside the likes of Spring Offensive and Wild Swim as well as performing at the Artrocker New Blood and Truck Festivals, and this year might see these guys make an impact for themselves.
Factory is a fantastic tune with echo-y vocals layered upon one another to form an intro that’s hypnotic and tension building before the post-rock goodness floods in with a catchy beat that suddenly shifts the track from an eerie, atmospheric confusion into a dancey, vivid little number with hips that can swing harder than the sun can shine. From this point on the track retains a solid groove that excels in delivering hard hitting vocal and sonic hooks and one drum-heavy finale to make Factoryone of the more memorable singles of the year. It’s awesome.
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