WTCHS – Over Kilmer | Track Review

When: 21/03/2014
Where: Sonic Unyon
Like/Love: LOVE
We’ve been following the Canadian underground for a while now as the likes of Out Of Sound Records/PERDU have released all kinds of gloriously disgusting sounds from the strangest of bands but now it seems their centrepiece WTCHS are finally hitting the big scene. Today we talk about the release of WTCHS’ first ever music video for track Over Kilmer, and next month we will have new EP It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse! Which we are very excited about.
Over Kilmer sees WTCHS still direct their extremely lo-fi sentiments into the listeners’ ears as a cleaner, but still distorted guitar riff noodles it’s way through the airwaves and the smokey female backing vocals to keep things just on the right side of eerie. The male vocals are as incoherent as they should be, and the track soon descends into further chaos instead of trying to make sense of itself. Perfect WTCHS.
2014 should be a great year for WTCHS and for the rest of the underground scene as WTCHS always manage to deliver great material that creeps the hell out of us. Over Kilmer is a fantastic listen that gets everybody feeling a little more insane but still gets us a little too excited for It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse! Out on April 4th, via Sonic Unyon/Out Of Sound/PERDU.
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