Vows – Vows | EP Review

When: 25/03/2014
Where: Tree Machine Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Tree Machine Records look set to come back in a big way this year with the recruitment of good bands such as The Danger O’s and Vows. The Danger O’s will be releasing music on the label sometime soon but right now it’s Vows who will be releasing two EPs, one of which is out now! Vows is a first taste of Vows for me, and wow, it’s awesome.
Blackfish opens the EP to a plodding synth beat that leans all over the place creating all kinds of creepy atmospheres which soon inhabits the monotone, lifeless delivery of the vocals. Once the percussion comes in the track takes on a much more accessible personality as the lurking synths suddenly have a bit of a groove to them, and guitars also contribute some nice little licks too. Vows’ introduction is a well layered sound with all kinds of rhythm and a finale that is easily one of the most gorgeous endings to a song I’ve heard this year. Excellent.
Waste is another track that ultilises this wonderful formula as it shifts into this punchy indie rock section with a great feelgood moment that definitely becomes a highlight of Vows. Vows even allow longer cuts such as the dreary Oubliette enough time to enjoy being around. The track’s relaxed sound is a testament to Vows as they keep it from ever becoming dull, and it does make a nice transition into the heavier, high energy of Hotel On A Holiday. The fifth track on the EP is easily the band’s most accessible, radio-friendly track with a little ease off the eeriness and a stronger priority on the hooks. It’s an explosive, wonderful track that definitely adds a little mainstream appeal to Vows.
EP closer Yearling is a great end as it brings a real touch of emotional closure to the mix with some really beautiful strings and atmospheric sounds played softly behind the most poignant vocals. The walls of vocal harmonies collide together to create a big booming finale that perfectly encapsulates the well layered sound of Vows, and brings an end to an EP that is fantastic from beginning to end.

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