Too Many Albums, One Giant Recommendation | Exploding Head Syndrome

It’s really cool being able to have the opportunity to go “hey you guys, this sounds good to me, how about you?” but lately there’s been way too much good stuff out just from the more mainstream side of the music industry that it’s hard to be just one guy and only get two posts out a day. So right now Exploding Head Syndrome is going to give you a small but very freeing list of good shit we think you should be checking out and buying RIGHT NOW. All of these are albums by the way, and pretty much all of them will be added to our Love List 2014. Also, Pixies will be releasing a new album and the new Black Keys song is pretty tight. We just want to share all the good shit with you, please guys, enjoy our shit. We also really like Liars new album and the new Timber Timbre album too, but we’re saving those for big love posts.
Black Lips – Underneath The Rainbow
The garage rock veterans Black Lips return with an album that sees them tone down all things distorted and garage-y in favour of a much more accessible bluesy sound that for the most part goes down well. While it’s not as memorable or explosive as Arabia Mountain Black Lips do at least prove that they step outside the norm and deliver a solid use of a sound that’s…normal? At least for them.
Beth Israel – Dental Denial
We haven’t heard of Beth Israel before but their new album Dental Denial is a very solid collection of punk rock tunes that bare a lot of eerie, Bauhaus-y sounds to create material that is interesting and entertaining throughout it’s entire playthrough.
The Coathangers – Suck My Shirt
The Coathangers return with another collection of tracks that shows they know how to produce something that’s punchy and catchy at the same time. Suck My Shirt features a lot of naughty guitar hooks and vocal hooks that keeps it moving at an energetic pace that sometimes makes us lose our footing.
Perfect Pussy – Say Yes To Love
Who doesn’t love a perfect way to say yes to love? Perfect Pussy’s new album is a heavy, heavy listen with extreme use of distortion to create songs that just thrust their dominance in your face while the many, many hooks wipe the tears from your eyes. It’s awesome.
Freddie Gibbs And Madlib – Pinata
Freddie Gibbs hasn’t exactly had a career to light up the world but this year he’s got his career-defining moment. Pinata is a tremendous listen and is easily one of the most essential hip hop albums of 2014. Every single song is a must hear and with collaborations from Danny Brown, Raekwon, Earl Sweatshirt and many more, Pinata is something that keeps on piling on the reasons why you should check it out. Easily going to make it on our Best Albums of 2014 list.
Schoolboy Q – Oxymoron
Schoolboy Q’s come out with an early AOTY with Oxymoron. This hip hop record is an intense listen with many, many hardhitting songs scattered throughout with features from Kendrick, Raekwon, 2 Chainz and more who all provide additional reasons to check it out. This thing is full of fantastic instrumentations that range from chill all the way towards heavy synths that just go HARD, and it’s awesome. GANGSTA GANGSTA GANGSTAAAAA.
Sun Kil Moon – Benji
Many people have already placed Benjias their favourite album of 2014, and it’s not hard to see why. The sixth album from Mark Kozelek is a beautiful insight into the depressing life of the actor/singer-songwriter. Kozelek allows his songs to extend into huge lengths which are driven by his raw commentary detailing experiences of death, or keeps them concise in songs telling his love for both of his parents. It really is a fascinating insight into an album that leaves a very strong impression on you many hours after it’s finished. The instrumentations are very beautiful too, but with the lyricism too, it’s easily an AOTY contender.
The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream
The third album from The War On Drugs sees the band piece together sounds from psychedelic rock, pop, noise rock, and many more to create a sound that is so organic and natural that it takes you on a journey of feel good self discovery. While Kurt Vile’s off doing his own thing, TWOD are certainly keeping up with his momentum as tracks such as Red Eyes and Eyes To The Wind show off how ballsy they can be with their sound. Lost In The Dream definitely takes all of the good parts from The Slave Ambient and improves on them to create one of most feelgood albums of the year. A Brilliant record.
So there we go, EIGHT albums for you to check out or for us to seem on your level if you already have. This has definitely been a good month for music, and this is just mentioning the more mainstream releases. There’s easily loads more underground material that definitely contend with a few of the aforementioned albums, especially the new EPs from Vows. So yeah, keep enjoying those records, and look out for more stellar suggestions from Exploding Head Syndome, and hey, hi. You look nice today, come check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter too.

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