Young Things – Goodbye Sexual :: Track Review

When: 29/01/2014
Where: Battle Worldwide Recordings
Like/Love: LIKE
Battle Worldwide Recordings are becoming one of my favourite labels. As well as being home for Falling Stacks, and also Co-Pilgrim, there’s also a whole other load of new artists who look set to become favourites too. Today it’s Young Things, a band who’s debut album Hello Love//Goodbye Sexualwas released last year and looks to be something we should all check out right now. Recently they dropped the music video for new single Goodbye Sexual, and boy oh boy is it a doozy.
With the video featuring pizza, an old man with an odd stare, and a lady letting loose with make up and squeezing tomatos, Goodbye Sexual is a surprisingly raunchy tune with heavy distorted guitar riffs which bare equal parts rocking and shaking, keeping the hips guessing as to whether or not they should enjoy what they’re hearing. But golly me, they’re enjoying it. The constant uptempo energy fits in perfectly with the band’s proclamation to need a man/need a woman and god damn, I need a woman right now.
Goodbye Sexual is a fantastic track that gets better with every listen, and once again Battlewide World Recordings have themselves a great artist at their disposal to produce some good shit. Check out the video for the track below, as well as checking out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.

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