Shit Robot – We Got A Love :: Album Review

When: 17/03/2014
Where: DFA Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Everybody should be aware of what to expect from a DFA Records’ release by now. If you enjoyed the longer cuts of LCD Soundsystem then surely you should’ve heard Hot Chip, Factory Floor, Holy Ghost! And YACHT and enjoyed their creative flow of minimalistic electronic chocolate thunder. The latest release comes from Shit Robot, the project of Marcus Lambkin with second album We Got A Love, which comes four years after debut From The Cradle To The Rave.
Featuring a whole host of contributors in Reggie Watts, Nancy Whang, Lidell Townsell, Holly Backler and more, Shit Robot does a great job in making sure We Got A Love is still its own thing without necessarily relying too much on the linear notes to make sales. The album revels in containing a sound that is wholely entertaining and exciting, without sounding like a half-baked effort from the DFA Records’ drawing board. Opening track The Secret introduces the album in a way that makes it take control of the airwaves, and plants the floor with a simple yet solid beat that sticks to its roots and allows the synths and even vocals to let loose and provide some much needed variety to the track. This is a kind of loose formula that allowed LCD Soundsystem to become so popular, and this is certainly true with the rest of We Got A Lovetoo.
Do That Dance is a superb dance number with a jumpy beat and a classic synth sound that could have come straight from the 70s. It’s intro instantly seeps within the listeners’ feet and gets them tapping and the hips a-shakin’, and while Shit Robot take it down a notch once the vocals kick in the momentum is still there and it certainly helps drive the track into its phenomenal chorus. Do It (Right) heads into house territory and does feature a pretty catchy vocal hook which syncs nicely with the miminalistic synth riff but does come across as a song intentionally made to try and force the listener to evoke some moves, rather than naturally being a song with a good groove.
One thing that does make this album drop a tad in quality is that it is very noticeable to spot the bad parts in certain songs. Whether it’s down to the miminalistic approach or just Shit Robot taking some risks, but it’s very easy to hear a bad sound or vocal in one song and have it stick with you for the rest of the listen. One particular standout is JENR’s guest vocal on Feels Real which ends up ruining what was a promising disco song by becoming this shrill remains of a bad Bee Gee’s impression. But despite the odd bad notes, We Got A Loveis still a very good electronic/dance album that adds some much needed groove to 2014.
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