Falling Stacks – Vizsla :: EP Review

When: 31/03/2014
Where: Battle Worldwide Recordings
Like/Love: LOVE
Last year we (when we were still Elusive Little Comments) named Falling Stacks’ Dogo Argentino our Best EP of 2013. The Bristol three piece’s mix of punk and garage brought forth a sound that channeled all the best punk and noise rock music from the last few decades to bring something that was so off kilter and jagged that it somehow fit into place in our tastebuds. Now we enter 2014 and at the end of the month, Falling Stacks will be releasing their new EP Vizsla. Awesome.
Burning Platform features a very strange riff that sounds like its walked out the back alley of Fugazi’s ideas and stumbles its way into comprehension with additional guitar scratches and drums which somehow fuse together to form a being that’s both off putting yet extremely desireable at the same time. It’s a very entertaining, interesting listen at least, and does end on a very good note with many melodies and hard hitting bass notes making for a very strong end to the start of what is another excellent EP from Falling Stacks.
This brooding sound continues to tread through the rest of the EP as The Youngest Ever focuses more on the demented side of things as the guitar riff sorta comes across as melody but more towards insane as it loops and repeats throughout while other guitar sounds are made to keep things unhinged and frightening. The vocals become a little more chaotic and the bass lines keep on coming as you begin to question your decision to listen to this EP. It’s still strangely inviting though, I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself in for.
17b closes out Vizsla with the EPs first straight up ballsy punk riff as the intro kicks aside all previous hesitations about continuing through this EP with an intense shot of adrenaline and energy that suddenly gets things exciting once again. It’s awesome. Vizsla once again reaffirms why Falling Stacks are one of my favourite acts to come from this entire reviewing career. I can’t wait to see if Falling Stacks come out with an album this year too, because both Dogo Argentino and now this new EP are both freaking amazing. Stream Vizsla below, and check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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