Blood Red Shoes – Blood Red Shoes :: Album Review

When: 03/03/2014
Where: Jazz Life Records
Like/Love: LOVE
Brighton/London duo Blood Red Shoes have always appeared on the cusp of mainstream appeal with their strong garage-rock sound and knowledge of crafting solid pop songs over the years, but there’s just been something that’s kept them out of the spotlight just a tad. Whether it’s down to a lack of that number one top hit that’s preventing them having a solid identity in their plight towards radio success is yet to be answered, though I think they may have a serious contention for that with their fourth album Blood Red Shoes.
On first impressions alone it seems we have a Blood Red Shoes that’s a lot more mature and concise with their output than their previous albums. The garage-rock sound is a lot more gritty with age, and there’s a general lul in spirits as Blood Red Shoes themselves say that this record is the most honest and closest the band have got to getting the sound they want. It also seems like all the energy purposely reserved from In Time To Voices did not want to be left out again as Blood Red Shoes opens up with Welcome Home – A fitting title, I think – which is two minutes of pure frustration and energy which thankfully does not disappear for the rest of the album.
Everything All At Once and Animal are both excellent tracks with huge ballsy guitar riffs that encompass the entirety of the airwaves and shove them straight into the listener’s eardrums. They’re both heavy as dicks but Blood Red Shoes were responsible for It’s Getting Boring By The Sea which is an excellent track and proof that they can keep things heavy while maintaining a lot of catchy hooks to satisfy the mass audience. Everything All At Once in particular features all kinds of hooks and the chorus is undeniably one of the catchiest choruses of the year.
Tracks such as Far Away and Stranger take things down a notch with softer instrumentations and maybe even a direct priority for the synth to make some noise. These slower, drawn out songs allow the album and the listener to take a breath from the energy and guitar riffs and allows Blood Red Shoes to give us some good material without punching our earlobes in.
Blood Red Shoes is finally the album that collides the choatic sound of Blood Red Shoes with their experience to create something that shows off a lot of variety but also a lot of entertaining material. There’s a lot of music on this record that shows off all of Blood Red Shoes’ strong points, and instead of getting bored by the sea, people will be fucking the sea listening to this thing. It’s so good. Stream the entirety of the new album below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and please don’t fuck the sea check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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