The Do’s – Helpful :: Track Review

When: 17/03/2014
Where: Philophobia Music
Like/Love: LOVE
Sometimes good music can just be good music, but other times it can also come with a good message. This is the case with The Do’s Helpful, as all the proceeds from this download-only single will go towards mental health charity MIND. We live in a world where mental health still isn’t given the government or social support it deserves, and considering more and more people are diagnosed with anxiety issues like myself, or many other strains of mental health issues, it doesn’t seem right that there has to be something like Helpful made just to raise awareness for the things we should aleady be doing to help out a lot of people. However, at least something like this is being done to help shift the world in the right direction.
Helpful is a heavy hitting track with an explosive guitar riff that continues to surprise me and fire me up with all kinds of adoration and adrenaline every single time it kicks in. The Do’s perform this track with all kinds of vigour and the recording is so good and so freaking raw that it’s making me fanboy a little too much. It’s awesome.
It’s an old school song that reminds me of the 90s and the hey day of Nirvana, and it’s made even better by it’s cause. Helpful will be released via Philophobia Music on March 17th, and once again, all proceeds will go towards MIND
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