Porcupine – I See Sound :: EP Review

When: 19/04/2014
Where: Riot House Records
Like/Love: LOVE
It’s a great time to be alive these days. Every week there’s new music which so far only seem to add to the big pile of good fucking shit to come from 2014, and on a much more natural level, the weather is freaking lovely. It’s sunny, there’s no hint of trickery from mother nature, and we can finally say goodbye to jackets and all the things prevent us from giving the best hugs. We need some music that peels away the last remnants of winter and eases us gently towards the path to eternal sunshine, and today it’s Porcupine’s upcoming EP I See Sound.
Porcupine have been around for quite a while, having released two albums, two split singles, opened up for many acts such as Meat Puppets and Mission Of Burma as well as numerous material featured on many TV shows since their birth in 2006. This band have built up a solid reputation as a band that knows how to deliver good music through the use of mixing late 90’s alternative rock with the swing of rock and roll, and it’s this sound that makes I See Sound so good.
Opening track So Serious features a guitar riff that noodles it’s way through the airwaves while some straight forward drums drive down a sweet hit of rhythm that gets things moving pretty smoothly. This track meanders its way through into becoming a very good way to open up the EP, and takes me back to the days of playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. So good.
The Answer hits up a little desert vibe as its jagged riff cuts a stark note through another solid use of the guitar. The track starts to become a trance inducing listen akin to the early stoner-rock style of Queens Of The Stone Age. Worst Case Scenario dabbles in fast paced energy and also some nicely places melodies to add a little spice to this cheeky little EP, and sets up nicely for closer Thought You Should, which rounds up everything we’ve heard from I See Sound and gives it all one more chance to shine and stick in our heads just a little bit longer.
I See Sound is a great EP that’s entertaining from start to finish. Every track is catchy as hell and the solid guitar playing makes it impossible to only enjoy once. This EP is definitely going to be the frontrunner for pushing me into the summery months, and I can’t wait. For more music reviews, free downloads and if you too can see sound, let us know by checking out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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