H A R T E B E E S T – Drums :: Track Review

When: 24/03/2014
Like/Love: LIKE
H A R T E B E E S T return with second single Drums, which follows on from the duo’s debut single Death which was really very good. The electronic duo look set to have a pretty big year as their anthemic material will certainly create anthemic expectations, which I firmly believe that can reach if everything continues to sound so good.
Everything about Drums is set out to make sure everybody is having a good time. The track starts off slow and subtle with very slight percussion being made and sweet, echo-y vocals projecting lyrics like “We have the night of our lives” to lie down the foundation of all things dedicated to love, crushes and life itself as the instrumentation finally steps up to deliver some huge atmospheres to create a wonderful dance number in Drums. “You are the lyrics to your favourite songs” is one hell of a slick hook, and something I want to say to every single one of you right now.
This song is a fantastic listen from start to finish and I can’t see how H A R T E B E E S T won’t become kind of a big deal after it’s release. It’s a wonderful track that should be played whenever young love occurs, or at any other happy occasion ever. It’s great. Stream Drums below, and hopefully we’ll have an album or new single out sooner than we think. For more music reviews, free downloads and I just want to call you all the sweet things right now. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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