Exploding Head Syndrome – Disciples Of Reason :: Album Review

When: 2013
Where: Exploding Records
Like/Love: LOVE
You know, choosing a name like Exploding Head Syndrome was always going to be a good decision. I knew individuality would be the last thing on anybody’s mind when they stumbled across this website, but I’m very happy to share the name with this band. Exploding Head Syndrome is a hardcore punk band from Oslo, Norway and this is their debut album Disciples Of Reason. It was released last year, but as we’ve proven before, we like to bring back badass releases.
EHS describe their sound as “angry punk” which is indeed fair enough as they touch upon many topics surrounding the lows of today’s society. Everything about their sound is injected with high doses of pure energy as the entire length of Disciples Of Reason have listeners becoming immediate followers of EHS without any other reason apart from THIS IS FREAKING BADASS. Songs in particular like Breaking Sweat/Spilling Blood and Project: Fail deliver hard hitting, intense guitar riffs that are instantly seeping through your veins as the world’s heaviest dose of adrenaline, whereas tracks such as Never Again make their entrance and goodbyes within the first minute, leaving a bold first impression in the middle.
The sound is pretty intense throughout, but there are little shimmers of pop glitter as Without A Trace and the title track perform riffs that wouldn’t look out of place on a Black Keys record. Obviously the energy and ferocity would look out of place, but Exploding Head Syndrome do a great job of surrounding the mainstream by just about acknowledging what goes down well amongst mass audiences.
Disciples Of Reason is a fantastic album, and I’m so glad to share the same name with a project that’s so badass and cool. I’m a little fanboy right now, but I cannot help it. This is a great record, and I emplore you to travel back in time and get it immediately. Check out the video for Black Gold below, and enjoy. For more music reviews, free downloads and this is the reason why our Facebook page URL is kinda messed up, check out Exploding Head Syndrome (the music website) on Facebook and Twitter.

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