The Danger O’s – A Little Too Long/Dear Jessie :: Single Review

When: 2013
Like/Love: LIKE/LOVE
It’s always cool becoming connected with a certain label, especially when they consistently send you good shit. Today we’ve got a single from The Danger O’s, a band which we went crazy for on Facebook because of the awesome (and free!) Present A Sequence EP. This time however it’s the A Little Too Long/Dear Jessie double A single, which even though came out this year is still good enough to throw into the modern times.
The intense garage rock sound we enjoyed so much on Present A Sequence comes back in full swing with an emphasis on the swing as the riff of A Little Too Long is something that will get your hips shaking as hard as possible. It’s instrumentation is backed up with some solid vocal hooks and the overwhelming sense that this is a pretty badass and classy way to spend over two minutes.
Dear Jessie is nearly double in length and focuses more on delivering some nicely crafted melodies that make us believe that Jessie is a nice lady. The instrumentation is a little more focused on being just as sweet as the Jessie in our heads, and the drawn out vocal harmonies are enough to make a grown man quiver at the knees. It’s wonderful.
Tree Machine Records is an immense record label and with The Danger O’s on their side now it’s a great time to become a fan. Check out both A Little Too Long and Dear Jessie below, and enjoy downloading it for FREE too. For more music reviews, free downloads and dear jessie, I think you’re great. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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