The Voluntary Butler Scheme – Honey In The Gravel Mixture :: Track Review

When: 17/03/2014
Where: Split Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Holy moly this takes me back. The Voluntary Butler Scheme was one of the first acts to send me their music a couple years ago, and I think I did a pretty good (bad) job of describing the pretty eccentric avant-garde sound I was experiencing for the very first time. It certainly left an impression on me at least. Anyway, we’re now in 2014 and The Voluntary Butler Scheme will soon be releasing second single Honey In The Gravel Mixture, followed by the release of the one man band’s forthcoming third album A Million Ways To Make Gold.
The sound as expected is a little on the creative side with an infectious horn section delivering the big upbeat hook that makes everything in the world the happiest place to be. Even if you’re hating yourself or maybe feel like you don’t need to hear horns right now, you definitely need to hear horns when they’re coming from this song. It’s great. The lighthearted vocal delivery and the jazzy guitars/drums just help make this a wonderful escape from reality, and I cannot wait to hear what else is to come from The Voluntary Butler Scheme and A Million Ways To Make Gold.
Check out the track below, and look out for third album A Million Ways To Make Gold on 24thMarch, via Split Records. For more music reviews, free downloads and a horn up your bottom please check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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