Leon Of Athens – Global :: Track Review

When: 07/04/2014
Where: Mimosa’s Dream Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Leon Of Athens is the solo project of Leon Veremis, who funnily enough chose that name because he comes from Athens. Crazy. On the early days of April we will be seeing the release of Global, Leon’s first piece of music to be released in the UK. It’s a single that will reveal a new direction in Leon Of Athens’ sound, having released music only in Greece amongst a time where the country was in crisis, showcasing a much more optimistic tone as topics about love, dreams and ideas are talked about for the first time in the young artists’ career.
Global is a hugely entertaining listen with some smooth pop hooks signalled by all kinds of wishy washy instruments that blend together to create a sound that’s easy going yet full of energy. Leon’s vocals seep into the music like an underwater utopia and it’s just a wonderful listen. The chorus is an instant attraction to the ears and the hints of horns amongst the oceanic atmosphere are just a little added touch of beauty that keeps everything moving along nicely.
Leon Of Athens will definitely be off to a good strong start with Global and I can’t wait to hear what else this emerging artist will bring to the UK after honing his craft in his home of Greece. Look out for the official release of Global on April 7th, via Mimosa’s Dream Records. But for now, enjoy the stream of the track below.

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