Walrus – Glam Returns :: EP Review

When: 03/02/2014
Where: Poncho/Out Of Sound
Like/Love: LOVE
Canadian trio Walrus return with new EP Glam Returns. These guys have been releasing a steady output of singles and appearances on such things as Out Of Sound’s Pie-003 over the past year, and it all seems to come to a point of evolution with this new EP. Walrus look set to deliver some psychedelic pop through the mediums of straight up riffs or mind boggling fuckery. Either one is good by the way.
Opening track Banger pretty much explains itself as heavy hitting drums and a catchy guitar riff blast through your head without so much as even a hint of asking to come inside. Walrus channel some garage rock on this track and even throws in some shoegaze utopia into the mix too which just makes everything seem okay. A great start to Glam Returns.
Bulash winds things down for a second as melodies take centre stage alongside some hazy vocals and even hazier guitar chords swirl in the background. Walrus have certainly evolved their sound towards a much cleaner production as the vocals are certainly a lot easier to distinguish on Glam Returns than previous material, which allows the instrumentation to excel on its own too. Title track Glam Returns is a pretty Ziggy Stardust-esque track, which is about as glam as anybody could get. Therefore it’s awesome.
Glam Returns closes with It’s No Myth To Me, an eight minute epic that delivers one final dose of excellent shoegaze and psychedelic glory in a simple but incredibly catchy way. It introduces itself as yet another good standard track but then descends into this impressive rampage of guitars and drums that become heavier and heavier with each listen. Truly making it a great way to end this fantastic EP. Stream Glam Returns below, and look out for it on cassette sometime in March via Poncho and Out Of Sound Records.
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