Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams :: Track Review

When Hot Dreams– 31/03/2014
Where: Full Time Hobby
Like/Love: LOVE
It’s been three years since the release of Timber Timbre’s Creep On Creepin’ On, and it’s been the same amount of time I’ve been doing this reviewing business too. Starting from contributing on a random website about lemons to running my own website is a pretty cool progression, but not as cool as the progression from the dark, pop sound of Creep On Creepin’ Onto the dark, lustful sound of Hot Dreams. Hot Dreams is the first single to come from Taylor Kirk’s singer-songwriter project, and it’s the best song to come from it yet.
The slow balladry gives off a retro, Elvis Presley vibe that suits Taylor Kirk’s voice perfectly. The sublte strums of the acoustic guitar alongside the lusting twangs of the electric guitar certainly set a tone that’s previously been unheard from Timber Timbre, but it’s one that’s easily welcomed by the project’s knack for creating some dark, mysterious material. Lyricially Hot Dreams hits the right spots with Kirk once again displaying a lot of lust towards someone, but instead of leaving it on the Creepin’ side of things, the song is nicely balanced out with lines that reveal a lot of affection and devotion too. The final 2 minutes end in a slow-paced jam complete with traditional horn solos, making Hot Dreams easily Timber Timbre’s hottest song to date, and it definitely succeeds at being a bedroom hit too, and that means being in bed with a lady this time.
I cannot wait to hear the rest of Hot Dreams, as this level of seduction and charm is a much welcomed addition to the sound of Timber Timbre. Check out the NSFW video of Hot Dreamsbelow, and look out for the album of the same name on March 31st, via Full Time Hobby.
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