Wonderbitch – Love :: Track Review

When: 27/06/2013
Where: n/a
Like/Love: LOVE
It’s Valentine’s Day! The specific day of the entire year where couples from all over the world have to suddenly remember they’re in love and absolutely HAVE to show that on this specific day, for no reason at all! I will not be taking part in Valentine’s Day this year, though I do have a hot date planned with the top rated section of various porn sites and plan to do a lot of hating myself too. Raunchy. But regardless of the situation we find ourselves in this year, there’s always music to keep us comforted and away from wanting to commit suicide. Today’s a special day, and the best song we’ve found to really get things headed in a steamy way is Wonderbitch’s Love.
Wonderbitch is a band from Texas who’s album Loves You was released last year and it is a brilliant record. These guys combine all kinds of psychedelic pop, and a smidge of outlandishness to create a sound that’s upbeat, ambitious, and boner enducing. Love reveals exactly that as some broodish drums and guitar whails set the tone for things to get down and dirty before the use of synth and guitars direct everything to the notion of rubbing genitals together. It’s catchy, it’s fun and I can’t believe I missed out on this last year.
Check out Love below, stream the rest of Loves You, and let us know if you got laid on this special day of card giving and cum guzzling by checking out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.



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