Sebadoh – A State Of Mine :: Track Review

When: 30/01/2014
Where: Joyful Noise Recordings
Like/Love: LOVE
When Lou Barlow isn’t busy continuing the fantastic return of Dinosaur Jr, he’s usually busy releasing good music with his other pride and joy Sebadoh instead. Since releasing the Secret EP last year, Sebadoh have continued to ride a similar wave of dependable success like Dinosaur Jr by releasing solid release after solid release, such as last year’s Defend Yourself. The newest single from said album is A State Of Mine, which accompanies a music video that defies all other music videos.
Featuring an upbeat beat comprised of bouncy drumbeats and jangly guitar riffs slicked with just a touch of 90s lo-fi, A State Of Mine flies by the airwaves with a tempo that keeps things alive and kicking regardless of the many changes in guitar chords. Lou’s vocals as always envelop the rest of the air with the help of echo-y backing vocals, and the whole thing just cements the fact that Sebadoh are a cool fucking indie band. So good.
Check out the video for A State Of Mine below and marvel in it’s glory. Stream the rest of Defend Yourself, and let us know how your day’s going by checking out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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