Whales In Cubicles – Death In The Evening :: Album Review

When: 10/02/2014
Where: Club The Mammoth
Like/Love: LOVE
Last month we checked out All The Pretty Flowers by London Whales In Cubicles and loved it. Just a short time later and the band have released their highly anticipated debut album Death In The Evening, which looks to deliver on all the promising elements the prior singles gave to those who heard it. Expect to hear a lot of dreary atmospheres throughout this record, but also look to find your teeth after having those pearly whites kicked in by some pretty badass guitar riffs.
Opening track Yesterday’s News kicks Death In The Evening into high gear with a riff that’s instantly bringing forth the thunder that is some heavy hitting grunge/alternative music. This track continues to revel in its dark, distorted world by packing itself full of extra riffs, solos and vocals that tend to rip apart just as much as the shredded guitars. It’s a punchy, fantastic start to the album.
All The Pretty Flowers still sounds just as wonderfully depressing even embedded amongst the sadness and angst that We Never Win and Golden Medal bring to the record. Golden Medal brings back to the higher tempo as the vocals really hit some passionate highs and the guitars back them up with some intense riffs and solos that sound just seepingly close to bursting. It’s freaking awesome.
The second half of Death In The Evening keeps up the good work by providing a solid set of songs which gently ease the record towards its close with the help of extra fast instrumentation, acoustic cameos and undeniably catchy hooks. Disappear in particular is just one big hook, whereas Nowhere Flagfeatures the easiest-to-remember hook, and closing epic Find You Way is just eight and a half minutes of pure grunge ecstasy.

Everybody was right to be hyped for Death In The Evening as this record has delivered in every way possible. Whales In Cubicles have started their career off very strong with this debut, and while they’ve set the standard high for themselves, we have no hesitation waiting to see if they’ll deliver a second time around.
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