Goldyours – Perfect Love :: Track Review

When: 10/02/2014
Where: Tree Machine Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Goldyours is a three piece from Los Angeles, and this is their debut single Perfect Love. These guys produce an electronic sound that believes subtley is key, which is apparent all over this track. Hopefully we’ll hear more from them as they look towards releasing debut album Glow, possibly set for a 2014 release.
Perfect Loveis an enticing listen with deep bass notes plucking away at the airwaves while some nice atmospheric synths build up something that certainly knows how to succeed at the minimalistic approach. Percussion is added at the right moments while the vocals eerily delivered lyrics which are dripping wet with lustful undertones. It’s a slow-tempo, entertaining listen that certainly sticks in your head, and leaves a long lasting impression that there’s definitely more good things to come from goldyours.
Check out Perfect Lovebelow, and look out for the debut album Glowat some point in the future. For more music reviews, free downloads and if you also felt a bit of a twinge downstairs upon listening to this song let us know urgently by checking out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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