Michael Forrest – Infinite London :: Track Review

When: 10/02/2014
Where: Good To Hear
Like/Love: LIKE
Every now and then something comes along with the intention to change things up a bit. Bjork attempted it last year with her latest album by synchronising it with an app the consumer could download and basically listen to the music while seeing it too. It seemed like a good idea on paper and generally faltered into a wet fart. However, multi-instrumentalist Michael Forrest looks set to release something that is genuinely interesting. At the start of March, Michael will be releasing his new album Infinite Music Machine, the first ever “App Album”, which will allow listeners to experience a different take of the record as this software-based music release will play various loops from the 1000 recorded while re-sequencing them to produce something that will constantly reinvent itself and surprise the listen every time.
Infinite London is the first segment to be released in anticipation of Infinite Music Machine and it is just as scatty and varied as one would expect from a material spanning over a 1000 loops. The beat whips and crunches through the airwaves with all kinds of percussion thrown into the mix and constantly keeps the listener on their toes. It’s like the more embedded moments of LCD Soundsystem’s discography, and it sounds great. Infinite Music Machine is a very ambitious idea, and there are doubts as to whether it’ll become a success, but if anybody’s the right individual to create a great first impression, it’s easily Michael Forrest. Check out Infinite Londonbelow, and look out for the first ever App Album Infinite Music Machine on March 3rd.

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