Tom Brosseau – Grass Punks :: Album Review

When: 20/01/2014
Where: Tin Angel Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Grass Punks is the new album from North Dakota’s Tom Brosseau. This folk singer/songwriter has built quite the reputation for himself over the years having toured the world and worked alongside various big name celebrities, musicians and even poets to carve a pretty sizeable niche in his respected genre. The seventh studio album from Brosseau is his first solo effort in five years, and he does his best to deliver some bittersweet tunes that revel in simplicity.
Armed with two acoustics and a voice, Tom Brosseau limits himself creativity by restricting himself with the most basic way to perform. Fortunately restriction is not the first thing that comes to mind on Grass Punks, as opening track We Were Meant To Be Togetherreveals a lot of heavy bass strums and melodies which fill the airwaves in the most personal way possible. It’s a very chilled sound, but one which Tom packs full of talk about love and lost opportunities to keep things grounded with personality.
Cradle Your Device is a humorous tune about Tom’s partner paying more attention to their phone instead of him. It’s possibly the first folk song fit for moaning about today’s digital age. This track is performed with all serious intentions and is full of beautiful melodies that kinda add a little light heartedness to it, which makes it become one of the more upbeat songs on Grass Punks.
I could compare Grass Punksto the sounds of The Tallest Man On Earth with it’s very basic formula and tone, but while it’s difficult to fade out of listening to TTMOE because of his often hard hitting strumming, Grass Punksallows the listener to zone out for a little bit. While the majority of lyrics on this record are great, Tom Brosseau makes it almost too easy to sink into the soft strums of the acoustic guitar and enjoy everything without thinking too hard about it. Grass Punks is an easy-listening record that sits perfectly on the fence of too simplistic with it’s instrumentations, but has a charm to it that certainly makes it memorable.
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