The Chambermaids – Electric Sky :: Track Review

When: 03/01/2014
Where: Old Blackberry Way/Guilt Ridden Pop
Like/Love: LOVE
Last year Minneapolis’ The Chambermaids released Whatever Happened Tomorrow, an album that saw the band utilise their extra band members to create a sound that was both haunting and inviting at the same time. We’re pretty sure the album made it onto our Best Albums Of 2013 list, and it definitely deserves a spot on there. For a band who we previously remained unknown for us, they sure left a good impression with that record. Electric Sky is the latest single from The Chambermaids, and it should give the listener that feeling of guilt when they decide to go against everything great about this song and not check out the rest of the album.
Electric Sky is probably the most accessible track to come from Whatever Happened Tomorrowas The Chambermaids deliver an instrumentation that comes straight from 60’s-era power pop. It’s got a certain level of ambience to it that acts like MBV and Brian Eno could be proud of, and when paired along with a catchy drumbeat, and even more catchy backing vocals, it’s kinda hard not to enjoy the hell out of it.
As fans of The Chambermaids, we’re dead stoked to check out what’s next for the band, and we’re also glad we can talk about them again with Electric Sky. Check out the video below, and then stream the rest of Whatever Happened Tomorrow too. For more music reviews, free downloads and if you think we should become Chambermaids’ groupies (clearly called The Chambermaids) then let us know by checking out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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