Ninetails – Radiant Hex :: Track Review

When: Quiet Confidence – 10/03/2014
Where: Pond Life
Like/Love: LIKE
Ninetails is a pretty cool Pokemon, but it’s also the name of a project that looks to be making quite a big name for itself recently. Radiant Hex is the lead track to be taken from Ninetails’ upcoming EP Quiet Confidence, the first piece of material to come from a Ed Black-less lineup of the band since last year’s very favourable Slept And Did Not Sleep EP.
Radiant Hex is a beautiful listen with vast open sounds cast out onto the airwaves with no sense of urgency to lead to something right away. The swirly synths meander from eachother like water in a stream, and everything just flows just as smooth. The vocals are embedded into the instrumentation to make things sound even more thick with utopian pleasure, and it really really does just sound fantastic. Brass instruments are added to the mix to bring this wonderful song to a close in a very natural way, making it even better. It’s truly just a brilliant listen. No wonder people have been waiting desperately for new Ninetails material.
Quiet Confidence looks set to become one of the biggest and best EPs of the year, and after having our eardrums cuddled in the most delightful way possible with Radiant Hex, we can barely wait too. The third EP from Ninetails will be released on March 10th, via Pond Life. Have you ever lived in a pond before? Let us know either way via the Exploding Head Syndrome Facebook and Twitterpages.

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