Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation – The Highs & Lows Of Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation

When: 27/01/2014
Where: Everyday Life/Rocket Girl
Like/Love: LOVE
Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation is a four piece band made up of all things Franco-Scottish-Bolivion, and this is the debut album, The Highs & Lows Of Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation. We checked out single Snowballs on Elusive Little Comments (RIP) and really loved the huge amount of cutesy, melodic pop sounds that came through our speakers with open arms, so we’re excited to see what the rest of the album has in store for us to be hugged with.
Snowballs delivered an instantly engaging sound with a lightly strummed guitar riff that brought warmth through the airwaves as the band bolstered it with a jangly drum beat and extra percussion to keep things moving along nicely. The sweet lead licks added another nice touch of character to the mix, and well the whole thing was just lovely. Fortunately The Highs & Lows… continues this trend right from the start as Exceedingly Good I projects a whole lot of vocal samples on top of a “good good, exceedingly good” mantra that makes everything in the world a lot better.
El Dorado adds a touch of synth-goodness as it performs a nice, upbeat beat that mixes in nicely with the chaotic, swirly guitar riff and equally messy drums to give this debut album at least three brilliantly catchy tunes right at the start. 11 Hope is a short but badass display of some sweet guitar riffs that become pretty heavy hitting before Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation bust out into a ridiculous guitar solo. It’s awesome.
The slightly lo-fi production makes The Highs & Lows…a record that feels intimate for each listener. The songs have a certain level of crackle to them that makes them seem a lot more homely and personal, which is great because it’s like this record is made for parties for one, as well as being for sold out parties full of people enjoying the great tunes. There’s a ridiculous amount of pop tunes on here that can be played forever and never lose their appeal, and the hooks that Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation bring forth too on this record are out of this world. I had my mum singing “REPTILES” all morning while playing It Takes All Sorts, which was kinda cool. But yeah, The Highs & Lows Of Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation shows a lot of highs, and a lot of promise too. The only low would be that it stops being the soundtrack for my life after a little while.
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