!Mindparade – Somehow (Part I & II) :: Track Review

When: Dead Mystics – TBA
Where: Tree Machine Records
Like/Love: LIKE
!mindparade is a pysche-pop outfit from Bloomington, Indiana, and this is their latest single Somehow (Part I & II), and it is a right little mindfuck. These guys’ debut album Everything Is Happening gained a lot of praise from all over the internet and from those who braved checking it out. Many tried to describe the sound of !mindparade but the best they could do was just string random images together and hope it stuck. This band is ambitious beyond belief, and deliver some pretty spectacular material as a result. If I had to add to the list of descriptions, I would just say that my brain hurts.
Somehow Pt. 1 is a psychedelic soundscape containing all kinds of whoops and whurrs and vocals so heavily tied down with effects that it could make Tame Impala seem like watching paint dry. This introductory part of the song is a very chilled, atmospheric listen with varying levels of catchiness thrown in to keep things moving as jagged as possible, while the other levels just make sure to maintain just how freaking weird it sounds. It’s awesome.
Part 2 dives straight into the hip-hop side of things as a steady drumbeat and bassline are added to properly distinguish the two parts well, and it really does come off well. The subtle additions of percussion in the background during the verses adds an extra texture to this already well layered track, and well, it’s just incredible.
This is truly something original, and !mindparade seem to perform it as if it’s completely normal. I think this is the definition of Exploding Head Syndrome, and it feels good. Check out the song below, as well as the debut album, and then let us know how you’re feeling via our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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