Brundlehorse – Direction Is For Losers :: EP Review

When: 30/12/2013
Where: Fuzzkill Records
Like/Love: Like
Last week Fuzzkill Records got in touch and dropped us The Raddest EPby surf-rockers Deathcats, which we really did enjoy a lot. Curious to check out what else this new, upcoming record label has in store we requested for them to throw more music at our faces, and once again they have delivered the goods. Direction Is For Losers is the new EP from “the Shetlands’ noisiest band” Brundlehorse, and just from looking at their Facebook page alone, we were eager to check this out. Just to see if their mix of post hardcore and noise pop could indeed “horse our fucking face off”.
Brundlehorse deliver their intense sound immediately as opener Flow delivers some emotive guitar riffs as well as the heavy, horse-face-fucking riffs which they drive into the listener’s head. The production quality isn’t the best of things, but it does allow the music to muddy up, bringing the instrumentation together with the vocals to bring forth a thicker listening experience that boosts some extra doses of badass-ness.
Halfway Backwards excels at taking it’s short timeframe and packing it full of dirty guitar riffs and the St. Anger-sharpness of the drums to make it one of the more memorable tracks on Direction Is For Losers. That drumbeat is brutal, and definitely contributes to the resulting headache the listener’s bound to get. Erase does a great job of adding some melody to the sound, pairing it up with the familiar distorted guitars to help create one of the more emotive tracks on the EP.
Closing track Direction Is For Losers sees Brundlehorse display a bold act of ambitiousness as they manage to pull off a nine minute song perfectly demonstrating it’s title as they take to some minimalistic approaches to make sure everything moves along nicely with some solid melodies and drum beats, as well as the occasional flurry of fast paced distortion thrown in for good measure too. The band pack this track full of different riffs that all go down well, and yee-haw, our face has been fucked. It’s a great way to end what has been a very entertaining EP. Stream the entirety of Direction Is For Losersbelow, or download it for free and enjoy it all the time instead.
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