Lairs – Mess On A Mission :: Track Review

When: Mess – 25/03/2014
Where: Mute Records
Like/Love: LOVE
This song has been stuck in our faces all week. Back in November, Mute Records revealed that a new Liars record will be released in 2014. Earlier this week we were given all the juicy details. The record will be called Mess, and will be released on March 25th. We were also given the lead single from it too, Mess On A Mission, and it is freaking awesome.
Last album WIXIW saw the band head towards a more electronic, dancier vibe which went down very well across the internet, and Mess On A Mission shows Liars not only committing to the change in sound, but also proving that they’re very good at making something fantastic with it. The track is a constant rush of bleeps and bloops, with some heavy synths playing inbetween said bleeps and bloops to create a truly mechanical, electronic soundscape of huge dance-y sounds. The chorus hook of FACTS ARE FACTS, AND FICTION’S FICTION drills into the listener’s head, leaving a huge gaping hole for the rainbow coloured instrumentation to slip right in, allowing them to enjoy it for the rest of their lives. It’s awesome.
We’re extremely hyped for the release of Mess, and right now we’re more than satisfied to keep listening to Mess On A Mission. Look out for the new record on March 25th, via Mute Records. Also, check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.

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